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Western Red Cedar Sidewall Shingle Products

As a long standing member of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (CSSB), Pacific Coast manufactures a variety of sidewall shingle products and strives to offer the best. The uniformly thick and smooth-sawn faced shingles are available in natural, primed gray, white, or in a custom color of your choice. Each of the products is manufactured in accordance with the standards established by the CSSB. The products are inspected on a daily basis by our in-house inspector and then by an independent third-party inspection agency. The CSSB in-house quality auditor also inspects the products on a weekly basis. We can guarantee that you are buying a quality, certified product that adds beauty, texture, durability and insulation qualities to new construction or renovation projects.

Certi-label™ – Rebutted & Rejointed (R&R) Shingles

R&R shingles are manufactured from kiln dried Number 1 Grade Blue Label and Number 2 Grade Red Label WRC shingles, trimmed for parallel edges with butts sawn at right angles. Available in both SAWN and SANDED Face Textures.

CERTIGROOVE – Machine Groove Shingle

Machine Grooved for a shake texture from kiln dried Number 1 Grade Blue Label WRC shingles, trimmed for parallel edges with butts sawn at right angles.

Rejointed & Rebutted Sidewall Shingles
Rejointed & Rebutted
Machine Grooved Sidewall Shingles
Machine Grooved
Sanded Sidewall Shingle
Primed White Sidewall Shingle
Primed White
Primed Grey Sidewall Shingle
Primed Grey

Number 1 Grade Blue Label

Lengths:  18”/24”
Width:     14” max. & 3” min.;
– 18” shingle is 5/2”- ¼” thickness
– 24” shingle is 4/2” thickness

Clear Heartwood: 100% edgegrain, no defects

*Number 2 Grade Red Label descriptions upon request.

Recommended Use:

For exterior and interior walls where a premium quality product is desired.

Wall Exposure Table

Shingle Length Single Course Double Course
18″ 8″ 14″
24″ 10.5″ 16″


For installation instructions refer to CSSB Exterior and Interior Wall Manual


Pacific Coast warranty is administered by the CSSB, follow the link for full details.
Warranty Information

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