Cedar Sidewall Shingles Frequently Asked Questions

Cedar Sidewall Shingles FAQ’s

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Yes, all inspection agencies have the mandate to ensure that products carrying their logo on the label meet current application grading rules and building code compliance regulations. If you have specific questions about Certi-label™ product grading, you should contact the inspection agency listed on the product.
No, third party inspection agencies perform random, unannounced inspections at our manufacturing site. We do not receive advance warning. Inspection agencies are independent, third party companies, which preserves the integrity of the inspection system.
You can install grooved shingles this way, but it is a rather expensive installation. You have paid more for the grooves put on the face of the shingle, and they are manufactured with the intent of having the grooves facing out to the weather.
Yes, but most times you need to install additional window and door trim to ensure that the product lies flush with the windows and doors. Sometimes this additional trim requirement makes it less expensive to tear off the old siding and start from scratch. Look at the diagram in the CSSB’s Exterior and Interior Wall Manual for more details.
You can paint them on all four sides or just on the front side, a paint expert may be able to provide you with further guidance.
Assuming local Building Official approved for this type of installation is obtained, you should use the length of nail recommended for that specific material. Add the thickness of the existing insulation and this gives you the nail length required for the fastener to penetrate ¾” or more into the sheathing. Refer to CSSB’s Exterior and Interior Wall Manual.
Cedar shingles have 2 (faces) sides and the best looking face is installed exposed to the weather. The face you like best is the one that should be installed exposed to the weather. (Note:  Machine grooved shingles are installed with the grooves exposed to the weather).
Fivex is a nominal 16” length shingle. Perfection is a nominal 18” shingle. Royal is a nominal 24” length shingle.